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Available here are advertising resources. Buy web site traffic (targeted HUMAN TRAFFIC) for your website page, social networking page, Ebay page, videos, etc. The targeted traffic includes geo-targeting and category targeting. In the future, we will be looking for subresellers for nearly-wholesale website traffic and traffic offered to traffic resellers to compare. In the meantime: – Buy 100% Real Human Visitors for Your Website:Advertise using features at The Advertising Wall .com

NOTE: Web traffic purchase includes login, ability to change target category and more…
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* Geo – you choose the country
Also, you choose the category.

Orders will be screened.
For acceptance, your website CANNOT include the following:

• Trojans nor adware
• Pornographic materials nor other adult or illegal content

NOTE: Premium traffic is only allowed for web pages that DO NOT INCLUDE sound, audio, popup, popunder, Javascript gateways, automatically-installed software or the like that begins upon page loading. We utilize a web page test verification process to make the determination of which traffic platform to use.

NOTE: Some websites may see an improved Alexa ranking with this increased traffic.

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